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Calne Choral Society Committee - 2019/20

Calne Choral Society Committee consists of members of the choir who are nominated and elected by fellow choristers at the annual AGM meeting. Committee members include a representative from each voice part, in addition to the other posts listed below. If you have any issues you would like raised at the committee or if you are a member of the choir and would like to join the committee, please do not hesitate to contact the secretary at

David Price Tel: 01380 812408               
Music Director
Philip Springate Tel: 01380 828294 email:


David Gillett (Chairman) 01249 816792
Ewen Bird (Secretary)  01249 821879
Mark Lockwood (Treasurer)
Choir Reps
Carol Watkinson  (Alto rep)   07807 452198
Kate Wilson (Soprano rep)  01249 760797
David Bishop (Tenor rep) 01249 812986
Ewen Bird (Bass Rep)  01249 821879
Organisational Reps
Mary Pennell (Librarian)

01249 657571

Mob: 07975 567 936
Simon Phillips (Publications) 01380 828822

Simon Hopkins (Venue organiser)         

01249 819619

Making Music Rep - Jenny Reynolds
Alison Johnson (Facebook Pages)
Stan Woods (Webmaster)

Rehearsal Venue Contact Numbers

Marden House President & Bookings, Graham Spencer Tel: 01249 811835


Calne Choral Society Registered charity number: 801131

Further information: 


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1st Published 02/04/2017- Update: Tues 7th Jan 2020
Calne Choral Society-Registered Charity: 801131